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Lawyer John Elloian is a leading attorney for landlord tenant issues, who exclusively represents landlords in housing cases. Landlords face many potential problems with tenants from security deposit disputes to discrimination claims. Worcester law group has a proven track record of successfully defending the rights of landlords in many types of tenant landlord issues.

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For advice regarding landlord tenant disputes call John Elloian for a free consultation today. As an attorney who exclusively represents landlords he has the knowledge and experience that you need to protect your rights as a landlord to ensure that disputes are dealt with quickly or avoided completely!

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Common Types Of Landlord Tenant Disputes

Landlords can often prevent disputes with tenants by using an experienced lawyer to provide legal advice for all rental paperwork and processes. Lawyers that deal with landlord tenant issues can help you defend yourself from these common issues:

Discrimination Claims

In Massachusetts it’s illegal to discriminate against potential and existing tenants due to their race, nationality, sex, family status, religion or disability. Ensuring that all application forms, leases, and interview questions do not contain any discriminating questions or vocabulary is the first step in avoiding discrimination cases. It’s also important to remember that you are allowed to turn down potential clients based on bad credit, bad references, and certain other factors. For advice on your rights as a landlord to deny rental to applicants call Attorney John Elloian today.

Security Deposit Disputes

This an extremely common area of dispute in Massachusetts. Understanding the rules regarding security deposit limits, return times, moving in checklist, and itemized deposit are all important steps in avoiding security deposit disputes between landlords and tenants.

Leases and Rental Agreements

Establishing the rental terms in a clear agreement signed by both parties is a fundamental part of protecting your rights as a landlord. Attorney John Elloian can help you prepare appropriate documents to ensure that you not only follow all State regulations but also provide protection for you the landlord.

Disclosure Requirements

The law in Massachusetts requires landlords to disclose specific information to prospective tenants such as whether the property contains lead paint. Seek legal advice to make sure that your lease or rental agreements contain all of the legally required disclosures to avoid future disputes and legal action.


Evictions are not only one of the most stressful times for both landlords and tenants, they’re also one of the most disputed areas. Tenants are afforded a great deal of protection in Massachusetts, especially when it comes to the eviction process. Following the correct eviction process is extremely important if you want to avoid landlord tenant disputes. Take legal advice before starting the eviction process.


As a landlord you’re required to maintain habitable housing for your tenants, this includes making repairs in a timely manner. Establish clear repair and maintenance procedures to help avoid tenant disputes. If your tenants have issues with your maintenance on the property seeking legal advice can help you understand your responsibilities and rights in order to deal with the situation.

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