Why John Elloian ?

What sets John Elloian apart is that he approaches every case with a  client centered statistical and probability based cost analysis. Lawsuits are filled with emotion but the numbers don't lie. The reality is that most Lawsuits can take years to resolve while in the mean time running up costs both financially and emotionally. The truly better approach is to analyze the relevant case law, research your opponent, and understand the judges that may potentially hear your case.

Remember that winning can take many shapes and forms and doesn't always equate to a not guilty or a judgement for money. A good common sense statistically guided settlement or plea agreement may in fact be the better option. Again this does not mean we are not fighters! In fact, In 2015 John Elloian was nominated one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Massachusetts by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Knowing the odds before the battle begins is the most logical, intelligent, and cost effective approach to litigation and is what this firm prides itself on.  

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