About Attorney John P. Elloian

For nearly 10 years I have practiced in two distinct areas of law namely Landlord-Tenant Law and Criminal Defense Law. These two areas are both near and dear to my heart for two separate reasons:

Why I represent Landlords: I am proud to say that I am a third generation landlord. As I grew up I spent all of my free time repairing, cleaning, and later managing the property. What I noticed even before I became a lawyer was that the landlord here in Massachusetts has the odds stacked against them. The landlord seemed to always be looked as the enemy by the tenant, the government, and even society. It is a stigma that made a huge impression on me personally. Because as any landlord knows just about everyone has been a tenant in their life but not everyone has been a landlord. If you have not worn the shoes of a landlord, then you truly don’t know what it is like.

When I became an attorney, nearly a decade ago, I decide to dedicate my law practice to representing landlords. I have a unique insight as to what it feels like to have a problem tenant rob you of not only your investment but also your quality of life. I want to help you take back your life against problem tenants.

Why I represent the Accused: I can think of nothing more unjust then someone being accused of a crime they did not commit. That is why I chose to focus my practice in the area of criminal defense. I have represented hundreds of individuals who have been accused of committing crimes anywhere from simple assault all the way to murder. I always remind my clients that we have to fight not only the government but society’s prejudices of an accusation and/or arrest. When someone is accused of and/or charged with a crime, society, the media, and even the government tend to just sort of glaze over the innocent until proven guilty portion of our constitutional rights.


You will not be alone against the system. We will fight the charges together. I like to meet with my clients in person several times before key hearings just so that there is no confusion in strategy and so that we can work as one cohesive unit. If you have been charged with a crime and you are feeling confused and frightened, then please feel free to contact me.