Massachusetts Landlord’s avoid lawsuits by picking up the phone!

Landlord’s in Worcester, Massachusetts have always been under attack.  We live in a society filled with animosity towards those who have or those who are perceived to have. Most of my clients are not professional  landlords with mega complex’s rather they are small landlords who happen to fall into the business. I call them accidental landlord’s. They might have just inherited  a two family house and for some reason are unable to sell it so they do the next best logical thing they rent it out. However, our legal system has set a nice little trap for them. A completely unfair process that even leaves seasoned landlord’s wondering how the system became so unfair. Well we could go in-depth into the legislative development of  landlord – tenant law but I wouldn’t want to put all of you to sleep.

The best start any landlord can make into circumventing problems in the field of residential landlord – tenant law in Massachusetts is to start off with good communication and  establishing a meaningful dialogue with your tenants. Remember that you are dealing with human beings and human beings want to be listened to and made to feel that they are correct even when they are dead wrong. You gain nothing as a landlord by being hostile to your tenants. They are your customers. Just like in any other business and yes that’s right being a landlord in Worcester, Massachusetts or in other part of the country means that you are in business. I don’t care if you are renting out your basement, summer home, or the attic above your garage if you are receiving money from another human being you are in a business.  For Residential landlord’s good communication can go a long way. Sometimes a legal problem can be avoided with just being accessible by phone and assuring your tenant that their concerns will be addressed and addressed quickly. Remember that landlords in general have always had a bad image in society. Of course that image is unfounded on any evidence but like anything else false media portrayals helps alter and warp people’s perceptions.  Just about everyone has been a tenant in their life but not everyone has been a landlord and because it is not  a common experience many people do not know about the blood, sweat, tears, and stress that goes into being even an accidental landlord.

Again if there is one overall theme I can stress for Massachusetts landlord’s it is to treat your tenant’s like customers.  Treating your tenants like customers will keep customer satisfaction at the forefront of your mind and will help you get over the mental mountain of 24/7 accessibility.  You might think they will drive you crazy by giving them 24/7 accessibility and they just might but it pales in comparison to neglecting your tenants and having them resort to the legal system which is something you want to surely avoid.   If you have any further questions for me on this or any other aspect of being a landlord in Massachusetts please feel free to call me. The first phone consultation is always free.

This blog post was written by: Atty. John P. Elloian